First Published: January 6, 2016 at 6:54 pm
Date Modified: January 6, 2016


This is my home page that brings together my various personal web projects. Here you’ll find a lot of content related to gaming. I also use this site as a support and social interaction hub for my various projects, game customization tools, and mod packs.

You’ll also notice other stuff here beyond gaming. After all, it’s my home page, the place where I get to be just myself and share my diverse interests.

Trinity C. McKenzie

As for me, I’m a gamer from the birth of the video gaming era. I love gaming and have a deep appreciation for the hard work and creativity that goes into creating the games.

I also enjoy bringing people information, guides, tutorials, and walkthroughs that help them get more out of their gaming and entertainment dollar. It really is all about the love of the game and the pleasure in indulging in such a wonder pastime.

You’ll probably notice on various pages on my various site’s that I’ll sign stuff as Trin, Trinity C. or Trinity.

GameWalkthrough-Universe.com | Gw-U.com

This is a personal site of mine where I create walkthroughs and guides for the games that I love and enjoy. If I love the game, and I find that it is one that a guide could help with, then I’ll probably build one and publish it on this site.

This is also where I publish various game customization and modification tools such as my collection for Ark: Survival Evolved.