Mass Effect Andromeda Series

I’m starting a new video series for Mass Effect Andromeda and this will be the first step towards my creation of a detailed guide for my site at

While the new guide won’t be out right away, you can rest assured that it won’t be long before the first parts are published. So check back again soon for the latest information.

Planet Nomads

Once Planet Nomads features Survival Mode (only a few days to wait now) I’ll also be starting a video series for this great up and coming title. Creative Mode is available even now, but I find it too easy. I need more challenge. But the moment Creative Mode is out, I’m in! So you can count on that coming as a new main feature in the very near future.

Ark: Survival EvolvedĀ Customization Tools

I have created several customization tools for Ark Survival Evolved which I have published on my other site at In addition to the customization tools and information I’ll also be adding multiple calculators for refining and custom recipes.

Also part of the new update for the Ark site will be detailed information on the Wyverns and raising them from eggs.

Help & Support

Looking for some help or support for one of my mod packs or game customization tools? Just contact me and I’ll see what I can do to help.